4 Types Of Fashion Photography


One of the most interesting forms of photography is fashion photography. Often we see models posting some unique and excellent photos on social media. These photos are either a part of their portfolio or a fashion project. Photographers who have taken up fashion photography as a profession are highly skilled and talented people. This genre is for showcasing the latest style trends and fashions. All around the world fashion photography is highly appreciated. From the dawn of fashion photography, we’ve seen a lot of changes. These changes came in terms of styling clothes, choice of model for certain projects and the entire process.

How Many Types of Fashion Photography Are There?
How Many Types of Fashion Photography Are There?

We’ve seen a drastic change in photography if compared with the past and the present scenario. Photographers use advanced cameras, editing tools and other technical equipment to get the job done. Fashion photography has its own beauty and it cannot be compared with any other form of photography. Photographers need exotic locations, a basic storyline on which the project is planned, equipment, etc. There are different types of fashion photography which requires different setups. Here we explore the four different types of fashion photogrraphy.

Editorial Fashion Photography

This form of photography is featured in fashion magazines. It is all about styling and in maximum scenarios, there is a storyline followed during the shoot. Depending on the storyline, the models are photographed. For instance, there is an early morning shoot, then afternoon shoot, then evening and night. In this entire span, the models go through several changes, showcasing the trending styles. There is a theme for the shoot to which models need to enact. They have to convey the storyline through expression and various poses to the viewers. The motive of such photography is to spread a strong statement through it.

How Many Types of Fashion Photography Are There?
How Many Types of Fashion Photography Are There?

High Fashion Photography

This form is used by popular brands to advertise their products. They hire supermodels and the best photographers to get the job done. It is a tool for promoting their products through this form of fashion photography. We often see actors featuring in such promotional photo shoots. The accessories, clothes, and products are featured in a way which is beyond reality. The final product is delivered after a series of flawless work from the casting team to the technical team.

Fashion Catalog Photography

Most companies use this type of photography to market their products. It is an advertising image with the product in printed form. Here the model poses with the product in a certain background so that the product can be seen clearly. The main motive of such advertisement is to promote the product. In such cases, the backgrounds are mostly simple and the entire work is done in studios or in some ideal places.

How Many Types of Fashion Photography Are There?
How Many Types of Fashion Photography Are There?

Street Fashion Photography

It is the most open form of photography for fashion. There is no exotic location, no supermodels but the people walking on the streets. The essence of true fashion lies in this form. What do normal people like to wear? Their fashion statement is established through these kinds of projects.

You can be a part of this profession if you want to. You can be a photographer or a model or a stylist. Fashion photography is a hub of opportunities to explore and learn.

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