Exceptional Vintage Photography Tips

Most people admire vintage photography, whether in black and white or mid-century colors. If you are a photographer wishing to venture into vintage photography, the good news is that you can never go wrong. Here are a few tips to aid in your career.

1. Use Faded Colors

What you are trying to achieve is that old age, attic but stunning images. Those taken during films when digital cameras were unheard of. These vintage photos were kept in dusty places such that the motifs became flatter, colors faded, and details got lost.

Enough editing programs will help you attain that color scheme. To achieve that modern vintage photography, ensure that you reduce the contrast of your pictures and let red to pop up a little. That way your images will look authentically vintage even though they are modernized. 

2. Make The Images A Little Blurry

The traditional vintages photos comprised of images that were a little blurry as the lenses were less sharp and would capture few details. 

Therefore, what you do is to take those sharp photos with your digital equipment and make them less sharp. That blur makes them look imperfect but impressive with a unique vibe. 

Another way of capturing the imperfect look is to shoot from a distance and reduce the focus and contrast. 

Finally, you may focus more on the background and less on the subject. That way, you will get an automatic blur. 

3. Take Images Of Old Things

Exceptional Vintage Photography Tips
Exceptional Vintage Photography Tips

For example, you find an old house that was built by initial settlers but is now abandoned because it is inhabitable. That can provide stunning vintage photography elements.

You may also consider other equipment of the 80s that are still with us and capture them. For example, a film camera, a piano, watch, chair, among others are some elements that you can photograph as vintage.

You should avoid modern objects like cars and cell-phones as this will counter the vintage look.

4. Try Black And White

The amazing thing about black and white images is their timelessness. Although they have been used since the invention of photography, they do not cease to offer an incredible version of vintage photography.

To have more options for your image, you may need to take your normal color photos and utilize one of the editing software with monochrome settings to get the black and white feel. If you would love something that is simpler, then you can try some of the readily available lightroom presents.

5. Include Textures During Editing

Another thing that makes vintage photography stunning is the change of texture and color over time. Things such as dirt spots, age stains, water spots, and other imperfect looks make the picture old and rugged. You can recreate that feeling though editing.

You may recreate these effects by applying texture layers. What happens is that you make the digital images to look old through creating wear and tear appearance. You may even include the appearance of water spots.

Vintage Photography requires skill and creativity as well as exceptional editing skills. For example, taking pictures of an old building in the correct angle and under the correct lighting to create epic images. Focus on ensuring a fading, wear and tear appearances of the images through careful and skillful editing.  This way, you will come up with amazing vintage photos. You may want to try this out today.

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