Does Black And White Photography Still Matter?

Well, this may sound like a controversial question. To some people, black and white photos are still relevant in today’s photography as they allow the viewers to focus on other aspects of the image beside the color. On the other hand, opponents suggest that black and white was used because the individuals living a few decades ago lacked a choice of other colors.

While these two schools of thought make sense, the former is believed to be a more accurate view of Black and White Photography and below are a few reasons for that persuasion.


If Black and White Photography was completely done away with, one would be able to place an image within a certain time that it was taken. However, with the timeliness of black and white, you may not know when it was taken and this gives it the mystery to think about. Further, these images transcend nations, culture, historical times, and civilizations. All of this makes black and white photography an incredible way of reminiscing that past and drawing it neigh to our present time.

2.Black And White Allows Focus

When the images are too colorful, the viewers may be too focused on the different colors that they will miss other important elements of the image like tone, contrast, and other details. However, since black and white is monochromatic, viewers will appreciate other benefits from the photos and they will benefit more. For some images, black and white is the best way to bring out what you want your viewers to see. However, when you want to focus on the color combinations, black and white may not be ideal.

3.Professional Black And White Images Depict Tranquility

Does Black And White Photography Still Matter?
Does Black And White Photography Still Matter?

The fewer the colors, the cooler the appearance of an image. As such, when someone needs some photos to sooth their heartaches, pains, and struggles. Black and white would be ideal. Since photos are therapeutic, people battling stress, depression and other mental disorders may find black and white images better than the colored images that may appear crowded and too noisy for the mind.

Even for any other person, when you want a serene and meditative mood, consider picking some black and white photos and enjoy the serenity of the moment and some quality solitude.

4.Black And White Photography Creates Unique Artistry 

Multi-colored images have become the norm in this modern era. When you capture black and white photos and present them to your clients, you are creating some uniqueness and removing the recipients from what they are used to seeing everywhere. That means you allow the client to look at things from a different perspective. This change may be a good exercise for the mind.

So, Should We Discard Colored Photography?

This article is not meant to discredit colored photos. It is worth noting that there are scenarios that black and white would be inappropriate. As such, both colored and Black and White Photography are important but in different contexts and scenarios. As a professional photographer, you should be able to determine the situations that are best suited for black and white photos.

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