Digital Photography As Art

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Digital Photography As Art

Digital photography as art. We won’t go round the bush for this. Let’s pose the question straightaway. Is digital photography an art form? Should it be considered so? Below is the answer to this modern question, and why it’s worth trying to get into. 

Digital Photography: Is It Art? 

According to art experts and high-caliber professional photographers, the simple answer is… “yes”. After all, in its simplest and truest definition, art is an expression of one’s inner creativity. If that expression takes form in a DSL-taken photograph, then call it as it is— art. 

Of course, there are parameters as to what photo is, indeed, of artistry and which ones are taken just because. What are the rules that need to be taken into consideration before naming a picture, or better yet, anything else, art?

The Criteria Of Digital Photography As Art 

1. Quality Of Aesthetics 

Digital Photography As Art

Art, after all, plays around an aesthetic. Although yes, it should also be able to have an emotional (for others, even an intellectual or spiritual) impact. For the first, the quality of a photo is tell-tale sing. More than the specs of your camera such as its megapixel count and image stabilization, it’s about the “neatness” of a shot. 

Are there objects of focus that are meant to draw the viewer in? Or did you simply take a landscape shot of your surroundings without putting much thought into it? Were you able to play with lights, color and contrasts, and shadows— features that will truly emphasize the object in the frame? 

Such questions help in forming what molds a photograph into something of quality/ 

2. Professional Class 

This has to do with how well you take a photo. Angling yourself and your camera in the right direction. Knowing what camera settings to choose under the light and weather conditions (for outdoor shots). Being precise with modes of white balance, pixel dimensions and resolution, exposure, clarity, and more. 

3. Intricacy Of Technology Applied 

Digital Photography As Art

Here, it’s about the type of camera you use. Now, for many, this doesn’t apply. Especially for those who call themselves “purists” and still adhere to photo-taking using a manual camera. Non-digital. 

In contrast, when strictly talking about digital photography, it has to come into play. Because more than not, those who are willing to invest in technologically advanced (and therefore, beyond what’s regularly affordable) digital photography equipment tend the be the most serious in this craft. 

Then again, this part’s tough to judge because even those who don’t have the means to have upgraded equipment have talent. For your own evaluation and exhibit, it’s fine. But if you’re thinking about joining a digital photography competition or anything of the sort, you might want to consider this part of the criteria more seriously. 

4. A Story

Finally, your photo has to tell a story. It has to speak. It has to talk to the viewers and let them understand the image. Let them feel what the photo is about. 

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