Kinds of Photography- Art of Images

Different Kinds of Photography- An Art of Images

If you think about the past, during that time images of ancient people and animals were used to decorate the cave’s walls. That time, this was the methods of capturing the events. But now the time has changed and has brought a revolution in this field. It is the invention of photography, which has made this fascination into an art.

People across the world take photographs of different subjects and events. But have you ever thought how much you know about the photography? Well, this article will help you with that. Go through the article, and you can learn about different kinds of photography and how to take photographs.

Black and White or Monochrome

The first thing to consider is black and white photography. When it comes to present an image in a black and white form, it can be a difficult task.  It explores the contour and character, the aesthetic art and beauty and tone and texture of the subject. Depth and feeling are its two main components

If you can understand that you will be able to take great photographs. Generally, colors of the images obscure the texture and form. They attract people toward the images. But black and white focus on the texture of the subjects. You need to understand that the absence of light can sometimes be quite important. A perfect level of shadow can offer the image a perfect depth and solidity.

Different Kinds of Photography- An Art of Images


Exploring the unique world of miniature objects through the macro lens is something very special and exciting too. You will feel like you are getting addicted to it. This type of photography holds a lot of delights which can’t be appreciated through human eyes. It is also treated as close-up photography. Ratios of between 1:7 to 1:1 come under this. While taking photos focus on the most important part of the subject. You can use a tripod or monopod to take great shots.

Different Kinds of Photography- An Art of Images


It is something where you take pictures of moving subjects or objects. It can be a sporting event, children playing, etc. The shutter speed plays an important role in this photography. You can set the speed to freeze the action or by slowing down the shutter speed you can blur the movement.

Most of the famous photographers use the techniques to create a sense of drama and movement. Taking photos of animals, people or athletes in motion can offer you amazing photo opportunities. This is very challenging, but with practice, you can achieve the best possible photos.


When it comes to photographing cityscape or landscape, aerial one is the best option. Amazing and unique effects can be obtained from the top of tall buildings or mountains. Use your creativity, and you can get the photos an aerial photography illusion.

Different Kinds of Photography- An Art of Images

These are some of the various types of photography you can use. Photographic work can be divided into unlimited categories. But for now, just explore these and have some fun.

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