Creative Photoshoot Ideas – Capture Your Inspiration With Great Layouts

creative photoshoot ideas

Are you looking for some creative photoshoot ideas? It can be a daunting task trying to find inspiration when your images aren’t exactly ‘hot’ enough to win any photography competitions. The thing is though, many of these contests are judged by judges who have no interest in your work at all – they are just there to see the results and whether or not they will click with the judges. In this case, the judges are yourself! It’s vital that you don’t just look like a ‘garbage photo’ either – a lot of photographers try to emulate styles from other disciplines. Take a look around at some of the most popular images in recent months, and you’ll probably see a bunch of amateurish photos competing for the same awards as the winners.

An Overview


One of the most common and popular photographic subjects is the newspaper backdrop. If you have an interesting article on a news story, you could use it to create a photo of the front page, or even use the entire paper as the background for your image via a newspaper backdrop effect. Newspaper backgrounds can be used for a number of different things though. One of the most common uses is simply to give a unique effect to a photograph – a simple sky filled with stars would be an example of this. You could also make the newspaper backdrop another focus of your image via colour or a pattern.

One of the things that a lot of photographers seem to struggle with when starting out with a creative photography class is lighting. If you’re struggling with getting started, one of the easiest ways to create some great lighting is to simply get started pointing at the sky. This will give you plenty of options for the sky backgrounds that you use, as well as helping you get more comfortable with how the camera works. Try using the sky as a dark neutral base, and then lighting it up with your sun or a flashlight.

Creative Photoshoot Ideas


If you want something a bit more dramatic, one thing you can do is to try a combination of natural light and a powerful natural light source. Something like shooting a few silhouette photos of an animal or a landscape that you are studying in your photography class, using just your hands and not a camera. Something like that would be difficult to achieve without a natural light source. If you would like to get some more creative ideas, why not consider trying to light up a small child? It’s surprisingly easy to do, and can result in some truly beautiful photographs.

For other photoshoot ideas, why not try a simple setup at home? There are a variety of different photography setups that you can do at home to practice and see what kind of results you can get when you are taking pictures in different conditions. One of the easiest and most popular is the lock down. You basically just set up your camera up with your lighting options facing down, and take a few test shots.

One of the easiest setups that I like for a lockdown photoshoot idea is to set up a simple silhouette photo on a clean wall. Then you simply take your picture, then remove the background. You then take your new, clean background image and overlay it over the top of the silhouette image. This works great because it gives you a very simple setup that still manages to make some amazing images. Another nice thing about this setup is that you can simply use another image via Photoshop to enhance the effect.

Bottom Line

The final tip is to make sure you have a good frame to hang your image via Photoshop. If you have something like a wooden picture frame that is in good condition, then you will be able to save a photoshoot in just a few seconds flat. Just download and open Photoshop, and save your image via the “Saving” option. Try using these tips for more photoshoots and you will start to realize just how powerful they are.

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