Creative Photography Ideas at Home

A close up of a camera

There is really no better time to practice some at-home creative photography ideas. There are lots of ideas you can experiment with, and with some basic equipment, you can really work wonders. Let’s get into it and discover some creative photography ideas you can work on at home, and work into a series of images.

Photographing water droplets

A close up of a camera

This is a classic project that you can try at home. It’s also relatively simple to set up, though you will need some specialized photographic equipment.

Food photography

Everyone loves to practice food photography, especially when the food looks amazing! This genre is huge, and potentially lucrative, as the images you take could be sold as stock.

Lensball light painting

A lot of Lensball photography will be carried outdoors, however, the Lensball is an excellent still-life object too. One popular indoor project for Lensball photographers is light painting. You’ll need a dark room, tripod, and sheet of glass to go on the table as your initial setup.

Freezing objects in ice

A fun project to try when you have a bit of time at home is freezing objects in ice. You’ll need a few days to complete each photo since there is a process involved in freezing an object. The main thing you need to achieve is getting the object to freeze in the middle of the block of ice.

Still life photography

Once again, this is a huge genre in photography. The most professional photos will always have good lighting. This style of photography could dovetail nicely with another hobby you may have. For instance, if you’re a quilter, photographing your finished product is a great idea.

Water droplets on glass

Another science-based photography project you can try is placing water droplets on glass. This style of photography utilizes refraction and repetition to produce great results.

Learn a new post-processing skill

One of the more obvious candidates for at-home creative photography ideas is post-processing. Everyone knows this is a vital aspect of photography, it’s basically the new darkroom. Yet investing time in learning new post-processing skills when you’d rather be outside photographing? Well, if you have to be inside, then learning some new post-processing skills is a great idea!

Creating bokeh shapes

This is a great project with a little hands-on craft to it. Bokeh is produced when your camera blurs the background, and this area of the photo is referred to as bokeh. When there are points of light in the background they will enlarge to “balls of light.” To create bokeh shapes, you need to put that shape onto the front of your lens. This involves attaching a black disc to your lens, with the desired shape in the center of this disc. 

Light spirals

Another kind of light painting you can try at home is light spirals. This is a lot of fun, and you can get quite creative with the patterns you produce. You’ll need a completely dark room to get the best results from this. You’ll be spinning a light source attached to some string, and this will be above your camera. This is a long exposure photo, so of course, a tripod is recommended. However, you could go without in this case by placing the camera faced upwards on the ground.

These are some useful and creative photography at home tips and ideas.

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