Creative Photography Business Names Ideas

creative photography name ideas

Many photographers make their living photographing others and creating unique photo displays. While you don’t have to have photographic skills in order to succeed, having a great last name can definitely help your business.

There are a variety of creative photography companies that offer their clients creative photography name ideas. If you have a passion for photography and the ability to turn those images into masterpieces, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have your own studio. Many studios are run by just one person and they can be quite successful with their business if they put their heart into their work. However, if you don’t feel that passion for photography or don’t have the time to put into running your own business, the name of your photography studio could help your sales. Think about it like a real business – you need to market your photography studio!

Using Their Real Names

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Many photographers start their businesses using their real names and end up changing them later. If this is the case for you, don’t let your creative photography name ideas go to waste. You may not want to invest the time or money to change your business name. After all, many of your customers are likely to remember your business name if you have an excellent name for your business. What do you have to lose? If your current photography business name is working for you, continue using it!

Your name may also come from your photography business name ideas. The names of many of the world’s top photographers came from their hometown and they often use their hometown for their business name. If you live in a small town or have a close relationship with family, this might be the way to go. Try something that has been used by your family or friends. Perhaps, a radio station or local newspaper.

The Photography Studio

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When people hear your business name, they associate it with you and your work. That’s why many real estate photography studios have a professional address: The Photography Studio. The same name works for any type of photography. The key is being able to brand yourself in a way that your potential clients will remember you.

People remember names and moments of their past. Perhaps you have photos of great moments taken in a place that has become home to you. It’s those memories that make the studios stand out. These photos are what you should be presenting, along with some of your best work, to those in your community. Even the real estate photography professionals that are located miles away from the little town you grew up in will see your photos and think “this could be my new home.”

Creative And Unique Methods

The fact is, that the more unique and interesting your name is, the better it will be remembered by potential clients. Creative photography studios should strive to build their brand by using creative and unique methods of naming their businesses. Not only will this give them a memorable name, it will also give them a memorable reputation.

No one wants to be thought of as a photography “client” or a place where they “set up shop.” Creative photography business name ideas are important because people need to know who you are. They want to be able to find you, see your work and trust you.


When potential clients take the time to research your work, they are doing themselves a favor. No matter how good your photography is or how talented your family and friends are, if they can’t find you and trust you, they won’t sign on.

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