Best Wedding Couple Photoshoot Ideas

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Photography is an art with a long history. It has always been of interest to people, but it wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that photography became more and more popular in society. The photographic camera was invented by Louis Daguerre in 1839, which allowed for taking pictures without having any direct contact with the object being photographed. This invention led to many new opportunities such as making postcards or using photos for advertisement purposes. As time went on, technology advanced and so did photography. Nowadays it is possible to photograph anything from a flower petal up close to panoramic shots from far away mountain tops; this opens up new possibilities for photographers everywhere.

This wedding photography idea is one of the best techniques for capturing your wedding day. It is a very straightforward concept. The photographs are taken just before the wedding ceremony when all of your bridal party is lined up and waiting to begin. This allows you to have some images that are perfectly posed but also candid images because no one even knows they are being photographed.

Types of Photography:

Wedding Couple

In the wedding photography business, there are different techniques used which vary from photographer to photographer. Many photographers have their signature style. When you as a bride and groom hire a photographer, they usually suggest how your wedding photos should be taken or will ask you if you have any ideas on how you want the shots to look. 

Portrait Photography:

Wedding Couple

It is a custom in some cultures where the bridal party gets together after the ceremony for family photos along with the newlywed couple. The best time for this is when there is sunlight. Since most weddings take place during the daytime, this is an advantage since natural light enhances color and gives a nice glow to the skin. Sometimes, artificial lighting is also used for the background which gives a different feel to the photo.

Style: Posed or Candid Shots?

When it comes to wedding photography, there are usually two kinds of shots that are taken by the photographer; posed and candid. Both have their advantages and disadvantages based on your taste as a bride and groom.

Posed Shots:

Posed shots are very common in weddings since they typically look more formal. However, they can easily get boring so you have to be creative when you pose. If you want your guests to join in on group photos, this might not be possible with some styles of posing so ask your photographer if this is okay before the wedding.

Candid Shots:

These are usually more natural pictures where you don’t look stiff or formal. They are taken at the spur of the moment without anyone realizing it to make it seem like real life rather than posed photos. 

This style will allow your friends and family members that didn’t have much time for group shots, after all, to be in some photos. However, because they are candid shots, they might not turn out as well. Choose this style if you prefer a more casual look to your wedding photos.

Asking Friends and Family For Photo Shoots:

You can always ask close family members or friends who are good with taking pictures to take part in photoshoots with your photographer so that you have different angles showing in a single photo. This way, you don’t have to hire another photographer, especially since they are usually family members or friends who didn’t charge any fee for their assistance with the pictures.

Choosing the Wedding Photography Ideas:

When you start looking at wedding photographers, you should go over portfolios of their previous work to get an idea of how they work and if their style matches what you want in your photos. Discussing with them what kind of photoshoots make you comfortable is also important so there’s no awkwardness when taking group shots or picking which poses look good. 

They should be able to answer all of your questions with ease and give clear explanations on how certain shots will come out more than others. Make sure that they don’t rush things and take their time anytime you ask to take a few photos. This way, you can pick the best wedding photography ideas for your big day while being pleased with the outcome.

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