Best tips for Vintage Photoshoots

vintage photoshoots

We all love to click pictures and photos. Nowadays, photoshoots are becoming a part of our life. No matter it is your birthday, wedding anniversary, marriage, engagement, baby shower, the first thing that comes into your mind  is a photoshoot. Because we love creating a Memory task we can preserve for life time. On mother’s day we click lovely pictures with our mom and on valentine’s day we click beautiful pictures with our loved one. 

But now, there are several different themes also available in photoshoots. Vintage style is one of the most famous and loved theme of all time. In vintage theme, you have to recreate the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s Ara. For that you have to do your hair like that period, dress like the Victorian Era, and for a more dramatic look you need a badass vintage car. With a perfect lightning and correct attitude, you will get your vintage photoshoot done. You have to be creative in choosing locations and dresses. But for your quick help we are here with some vintage photoshoot ideas. 

Vintage Clothing 


For the best photos you always need a proper clothing. And to create an amazing vintage look, you can choose dresses with polka dots. In 1926, Miss America was photographed in a polka dotted swimsuit. After that it was very famous in the mid nineteenth century. For girls, you can choose short polka dot dress with dramatic buns. And for boys, you can choose polka dotted shirts and there you go!!

Other than polka dots, you can choose high waisted jeans and collared shirts. You can style them with a bow and a pair of high heel boots will go perfect with it. And you can also try a fur coat, scarf or a wrap. Fur clothes played a very important role in the Victorian Era. You can choose fur as per your preferences.

Vintage Car


Vintage photoshoot is incomplete without a vintage car. You can find these beautiful retro cars on rent. You must need one photo with your friends in windshield shades  in a vintage car. With your friends or with your lover you can take lovely pictures. But if you want to take solo pictures, it is perfectly fine with a vintage car. Dress like a powerful and sassy lady of the vintage era and that’ll be your most beautiful photo.

Different Poses and Locations 

For vintage photoshoots location plays a very important role. Old abandoned railway station can be the best background for your photos. Most of the couples choose railway tracks for their photos. As you can click pictures with old suitcases in retro style. 


You can also choose gardens for vintage photoshoots. You can click photos with bicycles having big baskets with your partner. These will be very cute pictures. Umbrella is a very common prop used in photography. It is cheap and it was widely used in the vintage era. You can click photos with umbrellas in busy streets, in front of big old buildings or at the beach. 

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