Best Rising Photographers Of 2019

Best Rising Photographers Of October 2019

Best rising photographers are constantly putting their best to click the best moment. Photography is an art, practice, application and creating photos. One can do it either by recording light or using other electromagnetic radiation, through an image sensor, or chemically by a light-sensitive material like photographic film. Hence, it is used in many fields of science, manufacturing. It has its direct uses in art, films, mass communication, etc.

A lens is used to focus on the light that is reflected or discharged from the objects into the real image on the light-reacted areas inside the cameras. With the help of an electronic image, it produces an electrical image at every pixel. This is then electronically processed and is stored in a  digital image file for display or processing.

Thomas Wilder:

He has got the influence from the conceptual artists, Thomas makes his work such that it follows a larger philosophical conversation. However, Thomas has graduated recently with a BA in Studio Art from Wheaton College and is now pursuing an MFA at Rhode Island of design in Province, RI.

Best Rising Photographers Of October 2019
Best Rising Photographers Of October 2019

Germán Rodriguez Laverde:

Being a Columbian cinematographer, he has managed to get a different style to show emotions and feelings in his projects. He does it by associating himself with the camera and has the experience of working for large production houses and projects, and has also worked as an assistant director, director and cinematographer.

He received two awards continuously for best photographer and the for the best short film for Canon Columbia.  However, for the “moving image” everyone know him all over the world Sony International Photography. He has also won many awards. For the contest of the category of best short film in Vans USA, he went to the final round.

Anaïs Boileau:

At ECAL, the art school from Lausanne she finished her training in photography and visual communication. The works he is doing, people can see it in many group exhibitions. However, in Katmandu Photo Festival in Nepal, she presented her work. However, it was organized by Aperture Foundation and is a part of Black Mirror exhibition in New York from 2015 Plein Soleil.  To the Boutographies 2016 projection, they selected her work. Among the ten it was one to go to the final round.   Elie Saab grant and audience awards are the two awards that she had received.

Best Rising Photographers: Cody Cobb

Best Rising Photographers Of October 2019
Best Rising Photographers Of October 2019

Based in Seattle, Washington. His photographs give the brief moments of stillness. He wanders the American West alone to indulge himself in the wilderness, for weeks. However, his isolation allows him to get a better observation of the external landscape and to experience internal solitude. The illusion of the structure comes out to be extraordinary through the presentation of light and geometry. They do it to catch the emotion of the land and topography.

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