Photography Books For Beginners


Photography is a passion and hobby for many of us. But for some, it is a renowned career. The best photography books will help you to learn and improve your skills. It will provide you with a fresh approach on how to shoot, and inspire and give some good ideas for your new projects. 

It matters least whether you’re an experienced or beginner: there are always many things to learn about photography and taking pictures. So we have gathered some good photography books for you to enhance your knowledge. 

These are some of the best photography books for beginners that will help you and guide you about best photography skills; they are worth for money. 

Best Photography Books For Beginners
Best Photography Books For Beginners

1.  Read This If You Want To Take Good Photographs

This book is about the basics of photography. It is easier and fun to read this if you want to make some nice clicks and begin your journey in the world of photography. It is an easy-to-follow guide; this book is great for those who are new to using DSLRs. The author and photographer Henry Carroll has written a handbook that helps in making you a champion of photography via iconic images and expert tips. The book lacks in technical advances. The book teaches you the skills and techniques with the help of photos and other mastery tips written down.

02. The Beginner’s Photography Guide

If you are new to the world of digital photography, this manual guide is good for you. It will help you to build your career in photography. This is a good photography book that elaborate everything about it. It greatly explains how the camera works, different techniques needed for a good click, what are the different settings, how to set shutter speed or aperture. There are some checklists available with it to make sure you’re keeping up. It has compared images that explain you the importance of camera setting.

It is worth buying if you are a DSLR lover and want to enhance your skillset in photography. This book will provide you all in details. It is easy to read and follow.

Best Photography Books For Beginners
Best Photography Books For Beginners

03. Complete Digital Photography, 9th Edition

This book is another masterpiece for beginners; this guide is a detailed version and will tell you everything about how to get started with your camera. It explains the detailed working of the technology in the simple words that a layman can understand. In this book, Ben Long has covered all about photography that a beginner needs to know, from choosing a camera best suited for you for taking pictures and editing them. It also has some good tutorials which help you to improve your process and workflow. This guide contains very basics as well as advanced topics. It explains everything in detail and precisely. This guide is for those who want to learn in-depth knowledge of photography. The author has presented all the methods and settings in a beautiful way so that you can learn everything easily.

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