Best Photo Festivals This Fall 2019

Best Photo Festivals This Fall 2019

One of the most amazing gatherings you can come across is photo festivals. They are indeed a sight to watch. Photo enthusiasts travel across the globe to visit any photo festival going on in any part of the world. This festival has a large fan following and its lovers go gaga over it.

To visit them, all you need is a camera; many enthusiasts who have been following these festivals capture images on their professional cameras. But, you will find many amateurs with their phone cameras too. You too can go and have a feel of such festivals and see the vibe of them. Some of the world-famous photography festivals which should be on top of your list are as follows.

Best Photo Festivals This Fall 2019
Best Photo Festivals This Fall 2019

# 1 Lagos Photo Festival

This photography festival was commenced in the year 2010. It remains the only photography festival to have ever happen in Nigeria. This goes on for a period of 30 days. There are a number of events that go on in the city throughout this festive period like, discussions, workshops, presentations, and exhibitions.

The aim of such festivals is to attract the general public and spread or share ideas or thoughts about any topic which the artists want to.

# 2 Imago Lisboa

This Lisbon photography festival is one of the best in the world. The reach and stature of this photo festival are top-notch. Also, people of all trades and domains from all across the globe come to see this amazing festival. Artists from across the world come to showcase their ideas and thoughts through their paintings and photos. Which are shown across the city in exhibitions, galleries, etc?

This photo festival surely gained its reputation because of the duration of which it has been conducted in Lisbon.

Best Photo Festivals This Fall 2019
Best Photo Festivals This Fall 2019

# 3 Della Photografia Etica Festival

Another greatly celebrated photo festival across the globe. This one-month long photography festival is a sight to watch and capture. Moreover, you can book your presentations, portfolio exhibitions, photojournalist talks. As they are the major attractions of this festival.

Besides that, You can share and talk about different, social issues and societal and environmental problems at this festival. Downtown Lodi houses all the presentations of this extravagant photo festival.

# 4 Zoom Photo Festival

This Canadian photo festival has a great fan following across photography enthusiasts across the planet. In addition, the festival takes place in the Saguenay city of the Quebec province in Canada. On the other hand, it is the first-ever festival to start here was in the year 2010. Photographers from different countries gather to share their views, concerns, and suggestions to a different world and environmental problems through their paintings and photos.

# 5 Encontros Da Imagen

This visual arts and photography festival is a unique photo festival from the rest of the ones discussed above. Furthermore, the festival is not limited to photography you can enjoy different types of art forms that are on display. This year saw the twenty-ninth edition of this amazing festival. Different photographers and artists bring different ideas of art and the world through their work to this festival.

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