Milestone Blanket Photography Prop

baby milestone blanket photography prop

We never realize that our babies are growing really very fast. Sometimes we want to capture each and everything our babies does as to keep it as a memory. The baby milestone blanket photography prop is a cute background for babies so that you can take their pictures of their monthly milestones. You can save the picture with yourself and you can see how they look while growing. You can see the pictures whenever you want to. 

Baby Milestone Blanket Photography Prop

If you want to make monthly photography of your baby then it will be really costly to hire a photographer. It will also be very costly if you go to a photo studio every month. Better save your money or buy something that your baby needs than going to a studio every month. You can create an amazing background with this milestone blanket. You won’t even need to go out for any photoshoot. This milestone blanket will save you lots of money. You can even take the photograph according to your self with little help of your family.

Milestone Blanket Photography Prop

This milestone blanket has lots and lots of cute designs depending on the gender of your baby. On this milestone blanket there are months given 1 – 12 so you can click pictures by making the babe lie on it. You can do this every month and can afterward you can the growth of the baby. You can also keep all the pictures as memories and show them when they become older. So that you can recognize the growth because all the blanket will have the same background. The size is really good of the blanket which is 102 × 152cm.

Baby Blanket

Once your baby turns one year old, you can use it as a blanket in winter.  The milestone blanket is made up of really good material. Polyester is being used to make the blanket so your baby can feel the softness. This blanket can be of double use firstly you can use it for photos then after one year, you can use it as a blanket. This can also, be a perfect gift for you near and dear ones who are going to have a newborn baby.

Milestone Blanket Photography Prop

It has 12 different colors available, you can choose any of them. All of the milestone blankets have a perfect color. It is really easy to use it you just need to mark the month, lie down the baby and click the picture. You should definitely buy this for your little one. It is machine washable and can be used for years. You can create a meaningful journal, scrapbook or you can also post all the pictures on social media. The best thing about this is that it really very soft so you don’t need to worry that it won’t be of any use.

So when are you buying this baby milestone blanket photography prop for your little one? This is really the best gift to a mom who is pregnant.

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