A Useful Tool That Everyone Should Own! Lift and Move Heavy Objects Easier and Safer! Check This!

A suction cup glass lifter is designed to lift and position non porous delicate sheets or tiles of glass or metal. The rubber creates suction with the vacuum created with the pads with no skid surface, to lift sturdy plastic flips and lightweight and fragile aluminum bodies. These suction cups help to lift objects without touching them. Many times we can’t touch objects or are difficult to pick, suction cups make it easy to hold and lift. While few objects are slippery and difficult to get a hold of you to need a suction cup. It is difficult to work just with one hand when you are holding the object in another, let the suction hold it for you, and let your hands do magic on the object.     

Phone Screen Lifter Glass Suction Cup For Repair

Glass suction cups are made of rubber, these cups are best to smooth a plain surface of the phone screen glass. The shallow space that creates vacuum has no atmospheric pressure and due to having no atmosphere, there are no pressures from the outside that creates the suction. The cups come in various sizes and colors. It is made of thick high-quality rubber with a shallow hole in circular shapes that help in strong adherence. Lightweight and can be stored anywhere. As the cups are made of rubber the climate does not affect the cups. 

These can lift all types, sizes,s, and weights of phones effortlessly. It has a strong suction that can fix a dent in a car.  The surface of the cup is soft so no damage to the phone screen at all. 

Purchase Phone Screen Lifter Glass Suction Cup For Repair today.


  • DIY Supplies Electrical
  • Type Combination
  • Origin CN(Origin)
  • Model Number Glass Suction Cup
  • Package Bag
  • is_customized yes
  • Application Computer Tool Kit
  • Size diameter 57mm
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  • Glass suction cups are made of high-quality rubber or polythene.
  • Glass suction cups are washable.
  • Glass suction cups are durable.
  • Safe to use on delicate objects.
  • Can lift a heavy object.
  • Lightweight and less maintenance.
A hand holding a cell phone


  • Not to be used around the fire.
  • The sides of the rubber may get chipped.
  •  Might lose the retention if an overly heavy object is lifted.


The suction cup is not limited to use for a phone repair, the suction cup can lift any other object with a plain surface. The suction cup helps to give a lift to an object that is difficult to lift with our bare hands. The sheets are difficult to lift off the surface as they get placed on smooth ground, trying to pick them up from the corner is very difficult and also time-consuming. Instead of making use of a suction cup, the thin sheet of glass or other material can be lifted in seconds without doing any damage to it. These suction cups provide an easy way to lift thin sheets.

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