A Few Tips on Toy Camera Photography

toy camera photography

Toy cameras and other digital cameras have been around for some time, but only recently have they started to really take off as a photography tool. Now there are many different makes, models, and types of these cameras, and the most important thing to decide before you buy one is what you are going to use it for. There are many different functions that toy cameras can do, but here is just a list of some of the more common functions that are available with most new cameras these days:

Shutter Speed:

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This controls the camera’s shutter speed at which pictures are taken. The higher the shutter speed, the more light leaks are permitted during the picture taking process. For example, a high shutter speed allows more light leaks than a lower one. The main use of this function is to control the exposure of the picture; the less light leaks, the less camera flash you need to use. Many people focus too much on the flash side of toy cameras, and that is why many cameras don’t allow too much light leaks.


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This occurs when light leaks from the sides or corners of the frame. The depth of field is very shallow, or out of focus because the lens would be magnified. Many times people focus by stacking the photos in a way that makes everything in the foreground blurry. This effect is called vignetting and happens less frequently with digital cameras, as opposed to film cameras. You may not notice vignetting at first but after viewing some art shows made with toy cameras that have vignetting, you will notice it everywhere.

Color Conversion:

This is the ability to make the red, blue, or green colors of an image look natural. This is actually an offshoot of the vignetting problem, but because toy cameras have a very shallow depth of field, anything that is out of focus ends up looking like red or blue streaks. To combat this, some photographers add black to the photos to create a more realistic look. They also use other techniques such as using different exposure settings to achieve the color conversion. Art shows are perfect for learning more about color conversions.

Shutter speed:

All cameras have a standard maximum shutter speed, which can be changed. You will also need to choose a manual or automatic shutter speed. If you want a very artistic movement, you should try a manual shutter speed, and if you want to have a steady movement, go with the auto mode.

Colorsplash Camera:

A colored spectrum camera or a colored spectrum film camera are both ways to change the colors of your images. Using a colored spectrum film camera allows you to control the intensity of the colors in your image while still taking a great photo. Many people use this technique for toy camera photography, because you can control the overall background and subject matter of the photo.

Medium Format Toy Camera:

There are some photographers who use the medium format camera for the purpose of taking high quality, clear photos without the use of flash. These cameras have smaller sensors and lenses than many of the top-end professional models. However, these cameras are perfect for those interested in taking photos of outdoor scenes. When you purchase a medium format camera you should make sure you take care of maintenance. This type of camera is prone to problems with exposure and flash settings. These cameras are great if you do not need to photograph moving subjects or are using an inexpensive film camera.

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