7 Stunning Home Photography Ideas For 2020

Home Photography Ideas For 2020

This year when everyone is stuck at home, people especially photographers are finding it hard to test their outdoor photography skills. Why not create beautiful photographs from the comforts of your home? Not even photographers, people who like to shoot can make the best use of indoors to create mesmerizing photos. Here are some stunning home photography ideas to use in 2020:

Photograph A Food Plate

Do you miss clicking your food at restaurants and posting them on social media? Well, you can still do that by creating awesome recipes and clicking that finger-licking food in the end. Even if you don’t love cooking, add something interesting to your palette before clicking your food plate.

Home Photography Ideas
7 Stunning Home Photography Ideas For 2020

Capture Your Coffee Break

Coffee lovers can use their coffee time to create an interesting scenario for creating amazing photographs. You can gather with your friends on the coffee table and capture the moment. You can even use coffee mugs as props and shoot them. Just think of how to use these props creatively before capturing them on your camera. You can arrange coffee mugs in a circle and use two spoons to create the hour and minute hands. The last step will be to just click this coffee clock and post on Instagram!

Tip: Other home photography ideas using coffee includes arranging coffee beans as the word ‘coffee’ and clicking it.

Shoot Flowers

Flowers can’t be missed when we talk about indoor photography. If you have gorgeous plants at home, capture their beauty, and showcase it to the world. No matter whether you have hanging flower pots or simply a flower vase, you can use your photography skills and shoot these natural elements.

Use Candles 

Candles always make an interesting prop to click indoor pictures. Get some candles to create amazing candlelight portraits. You can use a single candle for self-portraits or click something like mason jars with small candles inside them. Just make sure to switch off the flash for candlelight photography. You can make use of more candles if you want to produce more light.  

Capture Bath Tub Fun

Why not make the best use of your bath time by capturing those fun moments? Even if you are thinking of taking incredible baby photos at home, you can click your baby having some bathtub fun. You can capture bubbles in the bathtub or put some flowers, bath toys, etc. and get them clicked. You can also think of clicking yourself having a milk bath, hot water bath, and so on.

Do Fairy Light Photography

Fairy lights are always unbeatable when it comes to clicking them or using them as photography props. Think of capturing string lights on your camera or arrange them on your bedroom wall with a photo collage before clicking. You can also click self-portraits using these lights as props. What’s more? You can even create a romantic setting with fairy lights. While taking baby photos, do arrange the lights on the cot or baby bed where your baby is sitting and then capture the scene.

Make Smoke Art

Home Photography Ideas For 2020
7 Stunning Home Photography Ideas For 2020

If you are a professional photographer or know still-life photography, create good smoke art pictures. Capture some smoke shots and use your photo editing software to blend these shots and create a new image. You can also simply add a smoke effect to your pictures.

Tip: Capture brilliant smoke shots using dark backgrounds. The environment should also be dust-free as well as well-ventilated. Try to capture smoke shots at night and always use a tripod. Use a flash as the light source for unbeatable shots.

Use these home photography ideas and produce stunning pictures in your free time!

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