7 Portrait Photography Tips

7 Amazing Portrait Photography Tips For The Beginners

Portrait photography can earn you a huge amount of money if you learn using your camera in the right way. It takes more than an advanced DSLR camera and a beautiful model. These types of photography styles mainly used in modeling and they look superb. Here we have given some posing tips that will help you improve your photography style.

7 Amazing Portrait Photography Tips For The Beginners
7 Amazing Portrait Photography Tips For The Beginners

1-2/3 Turn

Ever wonder why people look a bit thick in front of the camera? It happens because we cut off the background around the models want them to fill the entire frame. Instead of doing so, ask them to do a 2/3 turn. It would help the models look slimmer and wouldn’t gain 10 pounds more on the photos.

2-Texture Lighting

When you are capturing a photo of a model or your client, position them or the light in a way so that the light goes across them. This is a must thing to remember when you are capturing wedding photos. At the wedding, brides put on the most beautiful and special dress in her life and if the light goes off it instead of across it, you won’t see the textures of her dress. So, if you want to show up the textures correctly and clearly, the light should be across the subject and not at it.


Though photoshoot with hands-on is now a modern fashion, hands that sized nearly the size of our face can be a turn-off. In this type of photography, our faces are the most important factor. And if you keep your hands near your face, this can ruin the whole frame. You can display your finger but avoid displaying the back of your hand or the palm.

4-Chin Down

Some people instinctively lean a little bit backward while being captured in a photo. And when they do that, you can see up their nose a little bit and at the same time, their mouth and eyes seem to close partially. This kind of look awkward, to be honest. You can simply tell them to bring their chin down so that you can capture their eyes which are an important feature of your face. Moreover, opened eyes bring a special attractiveness to the frame.

5-Diagonal Lines

There are two types of lines- vertical and horizontal. When we get nervous in front of the camera, the lines don’t help. When someone keeps their hands down their sides, it looks awkward. So, you can create some diagonal lines to break it up. Tell your model to put their hands in their pocket or hips. It displays the person is confident and the photo has some kind of attitude.

6-Shift Weight

While capturing a photo, tell your model to shift their weight on their back foot. This gives a more comfortable position and maintain the balance. However, this might not work for the plus sizes models.


Everything we discussed here needs understanding and the key to understanding is communication. When you are going for a photoshoot, establish a comprehensive communication with your client so that you can ask them for any position.

7 Amazing Portrait Photography Tips For The Beginners
7 Amazing Portrait Photography Tips For The Beginners

Hope these few tips will come in handy when you go for your next Portrait photography session.

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