6 Tips to Master the Creative Photography

creative photography

Creative photography is all about capturing the unique perspective of the photographer. It can be as simple as taking a picture of an everyday object from an unusual angle, or it can be as complex as staging a photoshoot with creative props and lighting. However, becoming a creative photographer takes time and practice. Here are six tips to help you get started:

1. Stop caring so much about capturing the shot

Creative Photography

Creative photography is all about creative expression – not just taking any old picture at any old time. Instead, practice creative visualization by thinking of creative shots that you want to capture before you even bring your camera out. For example, if you’re photographing a flower, think to yourself: what creative way can I take this picture? Try to move around and get creative with your shot. This creative visualization will help you to become a better creative photographer.

2. Take the Pictures Your Heart Desires

Creative Photography

Make sure that you’re taking pictures of things that YOU want to take pictures of, not just doing it because everyone else is doing it. If the subject of your creative photo is something that doesn’t personally interest you or excite you, it will show in the final picture. Take creative photos of things that YOU enjoy and pay attention to what YOU like!

3. Experiment with Different Angles

Experiment with different creative angles such as high and low shots, wide angle shots, etc. Try snapping a creative photo from under your legs or from some creative bird’s eye view. Try taking creative photos of everyday objects such as a mug or a building and experiment with how creative you want to get by changing the angles and lighting.

4. Get creative with your settings on your camera!

Most cameras have different creative modes such as “Vivid” mode, which will create beautiful vibrant colors or “Landscape” mode for wide-angle shots. Play around with the creative modes on your camera to take creative photos that show off these effects.

5. Use Your Imagination

Try not to just take pictures of things that you see in front of you – try creating a creative photo by photographing an object from your imagination and use creative props such as creative body painting and creative costumes to make your creative photo more creative.

6. Take lots and lots of pictures!

The more creative photos you take, the better chance you have of taking a great creative picture. Creative photography takes practice and patience; never give up on it as some of the best creative photographs ever taken were by amateur photographers who just kept trying!


Creative photography is all about creative visualization and creative experimentation. Once you start thinking of creative shots before taking your camera out, practicing creative angles, creative settings on your camera, creative object photography, and creative photoshoots with creative props – you’ll begin to notice an improvement in your creative photos right away. With practice, creative photography can become your creative outlet and give you endless creative opportunities for creative expression.

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