6 Tips For Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography is a unique genre by itself because you cannot get another opportunity to shoot other photos in case the images are unappealing. That is why you should be extra careful and take all necessary precautions to avoid ruining the lasting memory of the newly wedded couple.

Below are some essential pointers that every wedding photographer starting out should incorporate in their shooting.

1. Work With A Mentor First

Apprenticeship is always a great way to learn when it comes to wedding photography. Work under an experienced photographer for some time before embarking on your first wedding contract. Be keen and observant and learn as much as you can. Work hand in hand with your mentor even during the editing process to know some do’s and don’ts. It is also wise to ask some questions for clarification and for perfecting your skills. One wedding is not enough. Several of them will give you the exposure you need and help you build your confidence.

2. Always Have A Back-up Plan

6 Tips To Great Wedding Photography For A Beginner
6 Tips To Great Wedding Photography For A Beginner

Now that you have perfected your photography skills and you are sure you can make stunning wedding photos, ensure you have a good plan. Think ahead of all possible eventualities and devise ways of mitigating such risks. For example, carry extra batteries in case the battery dies and have an extra memory card for storage just in case you take more photos than you had anticipated.

Also, work with an assistant. As you start, work along another qualified photographer to ensure that all important scenes are captured. The last thing you want is to have a question like ‘where is our photo where we laughed at my dad’s joke?’ and you do not have it. In case one of the cameras fail, you can fix it without interrupting the photo shoot.

3. Have The Couple Sign The Detailed Contract Before You Start Working

One common mistake that new photographers do is failing to have well-detailed contracts. Even if the couple consists of your friends, signing the contract will protect your business. One of the things you may consider including is using their images as a portfolio. If they sign it, with that clause, you are protected by the law. However, without that contract signed, you may be sued for using their images on your website.  

4. Keep Learning To Grow your Skills

Once you get a chance for wedding photography, take it as an incredible opportunity. Give it your best and be as professional as you can. Afterward, get back to your photos and see how you would have taken this or the other photo to make it better. You may even consider giving your work to your highly skilled photography mentor to critique. Gradually, you will get perfect and be able to give your clients a perfect photo session experience.

Above all, remember that incredible wedding photographs on your website will work as proof of your expertise and thus it can help you get other clients. Follow some incredible photographers and strive to try out and use the tips they share on great photography. Before you know it, you will be among the celebrated wedding photographers.

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