5 Notable Fashion Photography Trends

Human beings are visual in nature, and the power of what one sees is evident given the recent shift from written content to more focus on images and videos on social media platforms. Great fashion photography skills translate to higher chances of making a sale while lack of it may translate to a missed selling opportunity. This makes photography the heart of the fashion industry. This article gives an insight into some of the outstanding trends in fashion photos. This information will help you capture the right images and focus correctly to increase value.

1. A Move Towards Brighter Colors

Gone are the days when customers preferred cool colors and filters to mute the vibrant colors. In 2019, Fashion Photography will continue to thrive on juxtaposing bright colors and unique combinations. The colors make the images stand out. This will attract prospects to purchase a commodity.

2. Creating Nostalgia

Millennials are made of children born in the 90s, who are now among the majority in the working places. As such, they have the highest purchasing power. To capitalize on this and ensure they make purchases in the fashion industry, commodities are wired and photographed to appeal to this segment. This is done, for instance, by making clothes that bring back fond memories and thus making them more likely to make purchases. As a fashion photographer, you want to focus on images of products that are nostalgic to your target population.

3. Authentic Fashion Photography

5 Notable Fashion Photography Trends
5 Notable Fashion Photography Trends

In 2019, consumers of photography want to see raw and authentic fashion photos, not the refined models that do not look real. People are more appreciative of images that they can resonate with as opposed to some myopia images. As such, you need to avoid overly edited images. Take raw images of people in action in real life.

4. Blend Of Nature And Fashion

Today, there is increased awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle, going green and preserving the environment. This consciousness has also permeated the fashion industry such that most people want fashion photos taken in the natural environment as opposed to doing it in a studio. More fashion photos are now shared online, affirming this change. As a fashion photographer, you also need to find ways of blending fashion and the natural environment if you have to keep growing.

5. Add a Video

Another trend that is taking center stage in fashion photography is visual and video combination. A short video to show your subject in motion will go a long way in enhancing your brand. You can start small through practice and over time, you will be able to make professional videos. Alternatively, if your fashion clients want the videos and you have not mastered the skill yet, you can outsource the service.

The above trends keep changing. Thus, it is important to be on the lookout and make appropriate changes to continue appealing to your clientele base. Most importantly, be flexible and adjust to the current industry changes and trends.

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