5 Great Tips For Your Next Baby Photoshoot


Few things in this world express such innocence and pure joy as babies. No, we are not talking about the funny cat videos. Babies are adorable and will put a smile on the face of everyone. . In this article, we will provide five great tips for you next baby photoshoot.

Do Not Get Their Attention

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Babies are cute, so are their tears and tantrums. It is best to shoot these little moments of the babies when they are not aware of your presence. Keep in mind, the huge scary camera that you carry can frighten the baby and can destroy the whole session. Some other activities to calm down the baby or to make the session fun can include playing hide and seek behind a cloth, making funny faces and producing goofy sounds.

5 Tips For Your Next Baby Photography
5 Tips For Your Next Baby Photography

Keep Care of the Lighting

The clean and soft nature of the babies comes out bright with the bright environment. These are not the natural art that you can play with props and shadows, and hence good lighting conditions are quite essential for the entire setup. For baby photography, use windows where ever necessary and avoid harsh sun rays as it can be unhealthy for the baby’s skin. A 50 mm lens can help you get the job done. Select the AV mode, a high ISO with a wide aperture and let the world see the magic. It is advisable to with external flash along with a diffuser to fill the darker areas of the scene.

Keep the Background as Simple as Possible

Babies are the main focus in the cute baby photos, and hence the background should be kept as subtle as necessary. A few props like toys or fancy attire can make the picture more fun while making the shot memorable for the parents as well as the viewers alike.

5 Tips For Your Next Baby Photography
5 Tips For Your Next Baby Photography

Recommended Settings

Babies are generally hard to work with, and hence photographers choose to be quick and work without hesitation as soon as possible. There is nothing worse than capturing the loveliest moments with a slight blur. Hence one must go for a higher shutter speed while working with the babies. With good daylight conditions, you should go for a 1/500s shutter speed. Further, F/5.6 and wider apertures serve as a good thumb rule in terms of good, sharp shots without loss of shutter speed.

Recommended Equipment

A good camera along with a standard lens of 50mm fits as a perfect companion for your baby photoshoots. With aperture F/1.8 or lesser, expect fast shutter speeds and sharper, blur-free shots. After all who can miss the lighter moments! Apart from that, use a bean bag instead of a tripod for stabilizing the camera and getting down to the baby’s level. Also, don’t forget to carry a silver or white reflector to deal with harsh lighting conditions.

5 Tips For Your Next Baby Photography
5 Tips For Your Next Baby Photography

Baby photography is a trend with more and more photographers experimenting with different themes and bringing out the curiosity on the table. They make memories, memories that stay throughout your lifetime. The photographers need to be open and friendly in order to get the perfect shot, but the effort is worth paying for.

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