5 Best Mobile Photography Tips And Tricks

Best Mobile Photography Tips And Tricks

Whosoever says you can’t take mesmerizing pictures with a smartphone is truly wrong. Capturing shots with a smartphone may appear to be daunting but it isn’t. In fact, it’s easy to capture stunning shots with a phone as compared to DSLRs. If you have a smartphone with a decent camera, use these photography tips and tricks to produce breathtaking shots.

Clean The Phone Lens Before Clicking

A dirty lens will undoubtedly give blurred or unclean photos. So, clean your smartphone lens if it isn’t. Even if your camera lens seems to be clean, it is probably covered with dust and dirt particles. Take a soft cotton cloth to clean the lens. If the camera lens of your phone has little scratches, get rid of them using a cloth and toothpaste. Apply a bit of toothpaste on the lens and wipe it off using circular motions until the paste gets absorbed by the lens. This is one of the most effective photography tips to get crystal clear photos.

Mobile Photography Tips And Tricks
5 Best Mobile Photography Tips And Tricks

Balance The Shot With Gridlines

The gridlines of your phone camera make you balance your shots easily and effectively. According to a photographic composition principle, keeping points of interest on the grid lines will help you compose your images more naturally. You can visit the settings of your phone and search for ‘grid’ or ‘grid line’ option to enable them.

Ensure The Object Is Sharp

Make sure the object you are capturing with your smartphone is sharp. For that, you need to focus it manually if the camera isn’t autofocussing it. Focus your object by tapping on the mobile screen at the point you want to focus on. In most cases, a box will appear on the focused point. You can even brighten the image by using your camera buttons at the bottom of the screen. If you use an iPhone, increase the brightness of the picture by swiping up.

Pay Attention To Light

It goes without saying light plays a key role in producing clear shots. No matter whether you are taking baby photos or any other shot, they won’t be clear until you have got sufficient light. So, try to click outdoors. If you are doing indoor photography, use extra lightings such as candles, flash, or any other light source. Also, take pictures before sunset or after sunrise. Make sure to choose the time of day when maximum light falls on the object you are about to shoot.

Do Not Use Zoom

Avoid zooming in on the images when shooting with a smartphone. The images shot after being zoomed will be blur or grainy. So, try not to zoom in on your subjects. Instead, take some steps forward and get closer to the subjects and then capture them on your camera. However, if you are using a macro lens on your phone, you can zoom in on and check for the picture quality. In such cases, the quality of the objects being zoomed is clear as the macro lens has great magnification power.

Mobile Photography Tips And Tricks
5 Best Mobile Photography Tips And Tricks

More Photography Tips And Tricks

  • Use a high resolution before taking pictures with your phone lens.
  • Know your phone setting completely and experiment with them to produce stunning pictures. Learn how to use ISO, focus, white balance, and so on.
  • Use a tripod to get stable shots. You can take stable selfies using a selfie stick.
  • Download a handful of free camera applications on your phone and see what features they offer.
  • Also, download some photo-editing applications and use their filters to produce excellent pictures.

Make use of these photography tips and tricks to get awesome pictures with your phone.

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