Vintage Photography Books

Is your coffee table feeling a little naked? Want to add a little sophistication and depth to your living room?  We got you covered with this amazing handpicked selection. Give your guests something to look at other than their smartphone while you prepare the java.  Sit down as a family and soak in some art and history.

Whether you’re new to photo books collecting or are looking to make a few great additions, here’s a great list of photo books we’ve compiled:

Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs by Ansel Adams

400 Photographs is a definitive compilation of images from landscape photography master Ansel Adams. The book is divided into 5 periods, visually tracing Adams’ career from his early iconic images of Yosemite and High Sierra to his later immersion in his photographic work with national parks.  The book features stunning images of the American landscape and  nature in all its glory and splendor.

The Americans by Robert Frank

With this seminal book of 83 photographs Robert Frank defines American culture.  Frank points his camera, shooting from the hip and captures amazing images that capture the real America of the time.  He looks deep beyond the surface image to reveal underlying contradictions in the way the country is operating.  The resulting images will dictate what is truly “American”. An introduction by renowned beat generation author and vagabond Jack Kerouac really complements these Franks’ images, which function as an ode to America.

Revelations by Diane Arbus

As an artist, Diane Arbus was interested in the disenfranchised, the marginalized, some might say the “freaks”.  Her photographs possess a natural, documentary style. Arbus photographed her subjects in their natural environments.  Giants, circus and street performers, and twins are just some of the subject matter featured in this photographic journey through the streets. This is sure to be an interesting coffee table book and can stimulate interesting conversation.

Vanity Fair: The Portraits-A Century of Iconic Images

In this wonderful collection, Vanity Fair offers a century long of epic and iconic images. This grand collection features celebrated photographers such as Edward Steichen, Annie Leibovitz, and Mario Testino photographing some of the best-known figures from the world of film, fine art, sports, music, business, and politics.  It’s sort of the like the best photographing the best.  It really is photographic history.

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