4 Tips For Portrait Photography

Attaining the right portrait photography involves both technical and non-technical elements of photography. As a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed by the various requirements of a perfect shot. However, worry not. We got your back and that is why this post specifically focuses on those crucial elements. Read on and purpose to practice the tips you learn for stunning photography.

1. The Type And Size Of The Lens

The type of lens you choose will affect the appearance of the subject as well as the background. Wide angle lenses distort the images. This is not appealing when taking portrait photos of people. In addition, such lenses make the image unnecessarily wider than it should. In most cases, you should avoid such lens in portrait photography. However, for comical view or humor, such distortions may even add taste and art. So, if that is the case, go right ahead.

Use telephoto lenses to capture that image. The advantage of these lenses is that they place emphasis and focus on the subject and just show the background faintly, which is what you want. Also, it offers focused portraits that are sharp and not distorted.

2. Consider The Background

The background affects the appearance of the final image. In portrait photography, it is important to ensure that the background complements the subject and not distracting its viewership. It is essential to avoid sharp contrasting colors such as yellow as the background. Sometimes you will need to tilt your camera to the right or to the left to ensure the subject remains in focus and any other brighter object remains as it needs to be – just background.

3. What About Posing?

Shooting a photo can make the subject a little nervous and thus maintain a stiff body resulting in a less flattering image. As such, you need to have a few poses that you can recommend to the person relaxation. For example, let them bend a little, let the ladies tilt their heads to maintain a feminine look and advise them on various ways of altering their positions for a great shoot.

The bottom line is to avoid boring and stiff poses. Be creative and get dynamic ways of posing.

4. Positioning The Camera For A Great Facial View

4 Important Facts To Remember In Portrait Photography
4 Important Facts To Remember In Portrait Photography

In portrait photography, the face remains the primary focus. For a great shoot, you may change the face of the subject. Some people look great when they look directly at the camera and others while they look at the photographer from the side.

Sometimes, you may not know the most suitable way for your subject. In those moments, trying is always an important thing. An important tip you may try also is observing how the person positions his/her face as they talk to you. If they look directly at you, then that maybe their preferred position and if they turn their head that could be a great pose to try out.

To bring the best out of portrait photography, ensure you have telephoto lenses, the background is not brighter than the subject, and be creative with posing your subject. Once you do that, the results will be amazing portrait photos of all time.

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