4 Expert Tips For Solar Eclipse Photography

eclipse photography tips

A solar eclipse is that rare phenomenon in which the moon comes between earth and sun and blocks the path of the sun partially and totally. It is the moment in our life which many people want to see and capture in their cameras as a lifetime memory.

But to capture a perfect shot of a solar eclipse you need to know some important things before so that at the time of eclipse you will be able to take the best and perfect shot. These things include safety precautions, framing, use of a camera, and other things that will help you to take a good shot of the moment.

Below are the things you need to keep in your mind to take a good picture of this rare opportunity.

Safety Precautions:

A close up of a camera

In between all this chaos, don’t forget your safety. Don’t look at the sun with naked eyes it’ll affect your eyesight. Use solar glasses for the protection of your eyes.

Secondly, take care of your camera and lens as well. Use solar filters on your camera to avoid any damage. These solar filters include filter sheets, screw-on-front filters, etc.

Camera Selection:

You don’t need to have a professional DSLR camera for capturing a perfect shot. If you don’t have DSLR, you can use your phone and any other camera to take a good picture. It’s about your skills, and how you want to capture that moment.

Focus on how you can take a good picture just by using your smart phone and try to know your phone camera setting and exposure so you don’t meet any inconvenience on the day of the eclipse.

If you are using DSLR then try to use a long focal length lens with low light and high ISO performance. Do not use a flashlight at all even when it’s dark.

Use Tripod Stand To Avoid Blur Pictures:

A tripod stand will help you in taking good pictures without blurring them and if you have other things also then you must take a tripod stand with you. Another thing is that it is difficult to hold a heavy camera in your hands for a long period so a tripod will solve this problem also.

Practice A Lot:

It is good to do a lot of practice before the solar eclipse so your chances to take good pictures increases. Try different angles and focal lengths that will help you to know which angle can give a good and better shot. If you don’t practice these things in advance then most probably you will miss the opportunity to take the picture of the solar eclipse.


Follow all these steps and practice beforehand for taking a perfect and best shot of solar eclipse. Don’t forget to save yourself and your equipment to avoid any damage.

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